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Individual Car Scents 100ml

Individual Car Scents 100ml

100ml Car Scent

Spray directly onto fabrics or carpets in the interior and allow to soak in or spray onto a cloth and wipe over the interior dash and trim.

  • IBZ 33 - Sweet and creamy coconut with citrus and jasmine notes
  • EDI 89 - Sweet and spicy with noted of mandarin, lemon and orange blossom
  • CPH 92 - Floral, fruity, sweet, blueberry and citrus with a slight spice nuance
  • YVR 82 - Full slightly fruity and vanilla like with woody and peppery notes
  • NYC 79 - Green apple, mint and mandarin, in the heart note ginger, sage and fern
  • LAS 67 - Fresh ans spicy with notes of amber, heather and tangerine.

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