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Trim Dressing

Trim Dressing


A great all-round trim dressing ideal for all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces inside and out. It gives excellent results on dashboards, door cards, tyres, exterior trims, and engine bay trims. It produces a satin look finish that repels soiling and staining keeping surfaces cleaner for longer. Regular use will prevent the drying, cracking, and fading from heat and the sun's rays.

Ideal For:

  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Tyres
  • Dashboards


For engine bay dressing just clean and dry your engine bay first. Then spray liberally over all surfaces, and leave to dry. There may still be a few areas that need a quick wipe down with a short pile microfibre towel, but everything else will be dry to the touch and looking like new.


Spray Rogue Trim Dressing onto a microfibre applicator pad and then wipe down the surfaces to be protected lightly and evenly before allowing them to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to over-apply the product.

Once dry give it a buff with a clean microfiber

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